March 2012

Photo of John Dudgeon

John Dudgeon, Anthropology, to study DNA of Romans

Dr. John Dudgeon, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Research Lead in the joint Anthropology - Biological Sciences Ancient DNA Extraction Laboratory (ADEL), recently signed on as the biomolecular archaeologist for the Roman DNA Project. The project has attracted international attention, and was the subject of a CNN light years news article, as well as several local and regional news items, and a host of science-themed news blogs. (read more...)


Photo of Tom Klein Photo of Curt Whitaker

English Department to Host Medieval and Renaissance Conference

On April 12-14, 2012, Idaho State University will be hosting the annual Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association Conference. The RMMRA is an interdisciplinary association of faculty, students, and research centers in the West. In recent years the conference has been held in such cities as Las Vegas, Tempe, Salt Lake, and Flagstaff, so we are pleased to bring the conference to ISU. More information can be found at the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association website. (read more...)


Photo of reader's theatre Photo of Diana Livingstong-Friedley & Geoffrey Friedley

Arts & Letters Faculty Participate in Traveling Exhibit

The ISU Library has been hosting a traveling exhibit entitled "A Fine Romance: Jewish Songwriters, American Songs, 1910-1965," which was developed by Nextbook, Inc. The display incorporates images of the actual songwriters, famous entertainers, as well as promotional materials for popular Broadway musicals. Faculty from various Arts & Letters Departments performed in various events related to the event. (read more...)


Photo of Tom Terry

Tom Terry, Mass Communications, Curates Show

Four hundred years ago a group of biblical scholars, largely unknown today, created the most enduring and influential religious and literary work ever written in English: The King James Version of the Bible. To mark the anniversary, ISU associate professor of Mass Communication, Thomas C. Terry, curated a show at the Mind's Eye Gallery in the Rendezvous Complex entitled, "Verbum Dei Manet Aeternum: The King James Bible on its 400th Anniversary 1611-2011." (read more...)


Four Professors Receive Sabbatical Awards

Four professors in the College of Arts & Letters have been awarded sabbatical leave for 2012-13 in order to pursue research or other scholarly activities. Sabbaticals are awarded through a competitive process that requires faculty members to submit proposals for sabbatical activities. (read more...)

Photo of Stephanie Christelow Photo of Russell Wahl Photo of Brent Wolter Photo of Robert Tokle


Photo of Derek Schaible

Student Pianist Who Lost Two Fingers to Perform Senior Recital

Derek Schaible, a Piano Performance major, will be performing his Senior Piano Recital on Sunday April 22, at 4:30 p.m. Schaible has made great strides since an explosion almost one year ago resulted in the loss of two fingers on his right hand. (read more...)


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