January 2012

Photo of office door

Impending Move of the College Office

The College has received notification that its main office must be moved from its current location in the Business Administration Building during 2012; therefore, we are in the process of identifying alternative space and planning for the move during the summer of 2012. (read more...)


Photo of Rudy Kovacs

Art Professor Kovacs Retires

Rudy Kovacs, Professor of Art, will retire in January after serving on the ISU faculty for 31 years. For the past nine years he has served as Chair of the Department of Art and Pre-Architecture. Kovacs’ art practice is deeply rooted in his scholarly research. For the last decade, he has been exploring the hand-jacquard woven form using computer technology. Learning about jacquard weaving and computer design capabilities as tools has become a direction for his research and creativity since 1995. (read more...)


Photo of Erika Kuhlman Photo of Linda Leeuwrik

Leeuwrik and Kuhlman Host “War in Society”

Dr. Linda Leeuwrik, Assistant Professor in Art, and Dr. Erika Kuhlman, Director of the Women Studies Program, hosted a series of events at ISU called "War in Society" to coincide with Veterans Day. Beyond the celebration of those who participated directly in wars, these events addressed the theme of war and its multi-faceted and complex relationship with society. (read more...)


Photo of Scott Anderson

Music Professor Anderson Receives Achievement Award

Dr. Scott Anderson, Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activites was awarded the Idaho State University Achievement Award durring Homecomming. The award - established in 1984 recognizes personal actions, generosity and self-sacrifice on the behalf of the university by an ISU faculty member. (read more...)


Photo of Casey McCulloch

Psychology Professor's Research Featured in the Economist Magazine

The research of Casey McCulloch, Assistant Professor in Psychology, was recently featured in the Economist magazine. She specializes in self-regulation, goal systems, and the nonconscious processing of social information. Currently she is interested in vicarious goal processes, specifically, why certain people “do” and certain people are satisfied watching others “do.” (read more...)


Photo of Patricia Terrell

VP for Student Affairs Speaks on Student Retention

Dr. Patricia Smith Terrell, Vice-President for Student Affairs, met with the College Advisory Board in late-September and discussed best practices for student retention and academic progress and shared with them her ideas for how to increase ISU’s efforts in these areas. (read more...)


Photo of Tito Livas

Art in Motion – An Interview with Alumnus Tito Livas

Some people wait for life to find them. Tito Livas, a 2006 graduate of ISU's Theatre Program, goes out looking for his with an unbridled level of energy and gusto. (read more...)

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