Arts & Letters ASISU Members

Morgan Pitcock

Photo of Morgan Pitcock

I am Morgan Pitcock and I am an ASISU Senator this year Representing the College of Arts & Letters. I am enjoying the opportunity that the students have given me in representing them on the Senate. I am proud to represent a very diverse college from the majors provided to the actual diversity of the people in it. I am a History major with a minor in Political Science so I strive to represent as many ideas within the college as possible. I view myself as a representative of any student that could use my help. This year I would encourage anyone and everyone to join a club that is of interest to you because clubs are one of the best ways to get involved and be a part of something you are interested in. If you would ever like information about ASISU or have questions or ideas to bring to me I would be more than happy to meet with you.

Samantha Johnson

Photo of Samantha Johnson

My name is Sam Johnson and I am currently a sophomore here at Idaho State University studying Sociology and getting my minor in Women Studies. I am one of four representatives in ASISU for Arts and Letters this year. I am also a Resident Assistant for University Housing and am very passionate about extending resources and opportunities to you as my constituents. I am always interested in hearing what students have to say and am very approachable in conversation, so please don't hesitate to reach me via email or if you see me around campus!

Benjamin Harker

Photo of Harker

Brother and Sister Bengals, I am honored to represent us in the ASISU senate as Arts and Letters senator. I bring experience as a Political Science Major and Fine Arts Minor with an additional minor in International Studies and backgrounds in other disciplines. I will represent the diverse people of our college with unwavering devotion to the rule of law and with the best interest of the students placed before my own personal agenda.

My goal is to represent all of us. This task is one that I take seriously. I look forward to representing our diverse and talented college. I will conduct regular informal polls and offer an open office policy in order to better act within the wishes of my constituents. I bring to the table a hard work ethic and a real life experience that is essential to wise consideration of issues. My platform is one of communication and co-operation not blind collaboration.

I will act intelligently without undue influence from groupthink or others who want to use the senate as a vehicle for their own interests. Our best interests are at stake as fees rise and classrooms swell. We as students are the customer and the beneficiary of sound policy or poor management. Arts and letters students are some of the finest at ISU and I am proud to be amongst you.

Previous Arts & Letters ASISU Members

Shanté Hemsley - ASISU VP

Photo of Shante Hemsley

My name is Shanté Hemsley and I am the ASISU Vice President. I am a senior in the social work program and have felt privileged to work with the faculty in that department. I know that my professors care about my success because of the dedication they put into teaching and the time they take to help me outside of class. They have taught me to think creatively, to ask questions, and to be excited about my work. Through their experiences in diverse areas in the field of social work, I have gained a broad base of knowledge that will help me throughout my career.

Some things I love include: the colors orange and black, bengal tigers, homecoming events, free food, concerts on the quad, students with school pride, and of course, I LOVE ISU!

Cory Winter - Senator

Cory Winter

Hey ISU! I'm Cory and I'm your Senator for the College of Arts & Letters. I'm a Political Science major minoring in Women's Studies. I originally began college as a Pre-Med student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. However, soon realizing I despised Chemistry and Calculus with a fiery passion, I went to my advisor and pleaded for direction. With an extremely argumentative personality, I pursued Political Science and was inspired from day one by my professor. I'm a three-time transfer student who has moved seventeen times and I don't plan on ever breaking that habit.

Making the huge leap out west, I followed in my mother's footsteps and began attending ISU in the fall of 2009. I love Vanilla Soy Chai's, running for miles on end, being overwhelmingly involved on campus, and the Green Bay Packers.

Emma Doupé - Senator

Emma Doupé

My name is Emma Doupé and I am currently a junior in the Music Department. I am a vocal major, intending to pursue to future in Opera. I am a member of the ISU Choir Council and also hold the position as the ISU Choir Librarian. This is my first year as a senator for the College of Arts & Letters. In my free time, I am a 4-H Volunteer in Bannock County and I enjoy riding horses, playing instruments and going on great adventures with friends. I am looking forward to the 2011-2012 school year here at ISU and hope to make the most of it! Go Bengals.

Jillian Butticci - Senator

Jillian Butticci

My name is Jillian Butticci and I am a junior at Idaho State University. I am majoring in German and Zoology. With these two fields of study, I intend to become a forensic scientist. This year is my first year of being an I.S.U. Senator and I hope that in this time I can serve the needs of the students in the Arts and Letters College. I am from Idaho, but the German program here at I.S.U. is giving me the opportunity to learn about another culture and language so someday I will be able to live and work in Germany. I love riding horses, playing soccer, reading, watching "The Office", and traveling.

Maria Lemos - Senator

Photo of Maria Lemos

I'm Maria Lemos, a senior majoring in social work, and will receive a minor in Spanish. This is my second year as the senator for the college of Arts & Letters. The experience so far has been fantastic! I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I am excited for what the future will bring, with my degree in social work. I feel that the social work department has prepared me for the opportunities to help people live a better life. My professors in the department have shown me their dedication and passion of social work; thus confirming my desire in helping others better their lives.

Connor Lankford - Senator

Photo of Connor Lankford

My name is Connor Lankford. I am from Aberdeen, Idaho. I am currently a junior majoring in International Studies and I am working on a minor in Spanish. The College of Arts & Letters has great faculty and staff. They are always interested in helping you to learn and to grow. The International Studies program has helped me to broaden my understanding of the world and the people in it. The language department has helped me to refine my Spanish and become more fluent in the language. For the last year I have served as an ASISU Senator for the College of Arts & Letters. It has been a rewarding experience to be able to represent the College of Arts & Letters to the ASISU Senate. When I am not at school I enjoy snowmobiling, boating, wake-surfing and wake-boarding.

Whitney Lankford - ASISU VP

Photo of Whitney Lankford

My name is Whitney Lankford, this is my fourth year at ISU and I'm a senior majoring in Political Science. I really have enjoyed being part of the Political Science major while I have been at ISU. I have been able to learn more about different political systems and cultures which has helped to open my eyes and expand my horizons. Currently I serve as Student Body Vice President within ASISU. I work to run the Student Senate and sit on many committees representing students and their interests. I am also the chair of the Union Program Council where I work to plan new and exciting opportunities for involvement on campus. When I'm not at school or working I enjoy wake surfing, skiing, and traveling.


Steven Saltzman

Steven Saltzman

My name is Steven Saltzman, I am from Chicago, IL. and a senior here at ISU. This is my second year serving as a senator in ASISU and I have served as chief of staff for one year. I am majoring in Political Science. I enjoy pretty much all sports but sadly I'm not any good at any of them. I like to help out on campaigns. My favorite thing about the college of Arts & Letters are the professors and the diversity of subjects to study in the college.

Cassie VanderSloot - Elections Commissioner

Photo of Cassie VanderSloot

Cassie VanderSloot is this year's Elections Commissioner for ASISU. She is in her third year of seeking her Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance. She studies flute with Dr. Molly York. In the little free time allotted in the busy schedule of being a music major, Cassie enjoys practicing and reading. She hopes to obtain her Doctorate of Music in either Musicology or Flute Performance. She is a member of the ISU Wind Ensemble as well as the Idaho State Civic Symphony. In her radio show Sounds of ISU, she features performances of ISU music ensembles. She is also busy preparing for a solo recital this semester. Cassie loves the ISU Music Department because of the closeness and family-like nature. Everyone supports everyone, and also encourages everyone to achieve their highest level. She firmly believes that she would not be near as progressed as she is now without the encouragement and training that she has received at ISU.


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