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Biology Youth Research Program

The Biology Youth Research Program is a dual purpose project designed to provide professional development to graduate students in the biological sciences and to provide high school students with exposure to college level research projects.

We are committed to providing educationally valuable and fun experiences to all of our participants.

Biological Sciences Students

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Program Description

Biological Sciences Students

The Biology Youth Research Program (BYRP) is a field and laboratory based research experience for high school students. High school students are paired with graduate student mentors from the Department of Biological Sciences to work on experiments directly pertaining to the graduate student's thesis work. The high school students will work in conjunction with the graduate students, receiving hands on experience in laboratory and/or field research. Laboratory research is performed on the ISU campus in the Gale Life Science and associated buildings. Field research is performed at various locations around the Intermountain West, and may involve extended trips including road travel and camping. Available research projects may change each semester depending on the focus of research projects of the graduate student mentors. Students are required to provide appropriate clothing and footwear for field research.

All graduate student mentor participants have the permission and support of their respective major advisors. All high school student participants must have the permission of their parents or legal guardians.

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