Biological Sciences

Carolyn F. Weber, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Microbiology


Biographical Sketch

Dr. Weber joined the faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University in January 2012. As an undergraduate, Weber became interested in microbial biogeochemistry as an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Fellow at the Marine Biological Laboratory (Boston University Marine Program, Woods Hole, MA) and the University of Maine (Walpole, ME). As a doctoral student in the laboratory of Dr. Gary M. King, Weber studied carbon monoxide-oxidizing bacteria in developing ecosystems on terrestrial volcanic deposits in Hawai'i and Japan. As a Director's Postdoctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Weber developed interests in the molecular ecology of soil fungi, their role in carbon cycling and how their community structure and function is impacted by environmental change. Weber's current research interests are in understanding the impacts of environmental disturbances (e.g. volcanic eruptions, invasive plant species) on microbial community structure and function in terrestrial ecosystems and feedbacks on carbon cycling. She works at the level of individual microorganisms to understand changes in physiology under different carbon regimes and also at the landscape scale to understand how changes in microbial community structure and function correlate with net carbon fluxes between soil and atmosphere.

Teaching Areas


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