Molecular Research Core Facility

MRCF staff will be attending the annual meeting of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities from March 28 through April 1. During that time the Molecular Core will be staffed part-time by our Career Path Interns, but please be prepared for a delay in sample processing until we return on April 2.

Bioinformatics Resources & Consultation

The Bioinformatics Laboratory and Evolutionary Genomics Group (EGG) provides the following expertise for bioinformatics consultation and collaboration:

A specifically designed high-performance computing cluster (Galaxy) is available for bioinformatics data analysis. The Galaxy cluster is composed of 8 compute nodes with a total of 160 compute cores and 22TB RAID storage space. Some nodes have NVIDA Tesla GPU cards installed for GPU computing. There are more than 500 bioinformatics tools installed on Galaxy cluster for various biological data analysis including, but not limited, to genomic and next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis, phylogenetic and molecular evolution data analysis, and population genetics data analysis. An online workflow system enables users to access Galaxy cluster through a web browser. The sample tracking system on Galaxy cluster enables users to submit next-generation sequencing requests to MRCF and access the generated sequence data on Galaxy cluster. The MRCF sequencing users are eligible to get an account and use the bioinformatics tools on Galaxy cluster for free.

Please visit EGG resources to find more detailed information on available bioinformatics resources at ISU or contact Dr. Luobin Yang ( for more details.


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