Biological Sciences

Master of Natural Science in Biology

The Master of Natural Science degree is designed for teachers and those who wish to obtain additional breadth and/or depth in the Biological Sciences and related areas. This degree emphasizes subject matter and is a non-thesis program. The degree is only for students who possess a standard teaching certificate or are working toward a standard teaching certificate. It is not designed to prepare students for doctoral programs with a research emphasis or requirement.

Admission Requirements

  1. Completed application forms for Graduate School and Department of Biological Sciences.
  2. Acceptance by a Departmental member of the graduate faculty.
  3. Acceptance by the Department of Biological Sciences, based upon review of the applicant's credentials by a departmental committee.

Program Requirements

Completion of a prescribed program of study approved by a major advisor and advisory committee that is selected by the student; a minimum of 30 semester credits beyond the bachelor's degree with at least 22 credits taken in residence; satisfactory performance on a final written and oral examination.

See the Graduate Catalog for additional information on MNS Program Requirements.


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