Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology Equipment - DYNO

The College of Technology automotive technology program purchased a new computerized diagnostic machine and software which is being used to train students in emissions, drive cycle, and performance testing. The Software "simulates the scientific laws of mass and motion without leaving the confines of the shop environment."


With this new equipment students can test a wide variety of procedures, including emissions testing modes, torque and speed profiles, and power curves. The dyno can test the various operating components while simulating a 12-mile drive. In addition, torque, horsepower and one-quarter-mile speed can be tested for performance.

A projector shows the testing progress through graphs and charts on a screen in the shop. Customer test reports may be printed throughout the testing period. “This dyno allows technicians to diagnose problems at highway speeds,” said Mike Fisher, program coordinator, and “provides the opportunity to teach the entire class at one time.”

This equipment provides future technicians with up-to-date and industry standards training, adding assurance that College of Technology graduates will be employable entry-level technicians.