Election 2015 Updates

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More information about Sam Perry and Kourtney McConnell

Hello Bengals!

Student Government elections are right around the corner and ASISU is looking for your vote!

My name is Sam Perry and I am running to be your ASISU President. I, along with my running mate Kourtney McConnell, believe in true communication and transparency between the student government and you. The executive branch of ASISU is your main connection to the administration of Idaho State University. Kourtney and I want to bring your voice forward and continue to make ISU a great university and home to many.

We, in the United Students party want to promote diversity and a service-based leadership approach while in office. Having a multitude of leadership experiences both in and outside of Idaho State University we offer experience, knowledge, and tested leadership. With contacts in the local government to contacts around campus, we have learned who to go to and where to find answers if questions arise. We know that you are busy with school, work, families, and personal lives. With this in mind we want to come to you. We are running to represent you and to be truthful in the process. We are running to fight for your thoughts, your rights, and your educational experience. Sam Perry and Kourtney McConnell are running for you!

Sam Perry currently serves as a student senator for the Division of Health Sciences. Through education in a strongly pre-medical curricula and a strong desire to help the rural and medically underserved communities of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, Sam would like to expand ISU's health care programs and push to incorporate a medical degree program offered through Idaho State University. Sam strongly believes that the positive effects of such a degree offering would be beneficial for all students studying at ISU by bringing in monies for the university and the community, jobs for students and faculty, students from near and far, and untold possibilities for the future.

Kourtney McConnell currently serves as a student senator for the College of Arts and Letters. Also serving as the senate pro-tempore, she has decided to make developing our CPI programs her personal focus if elected to be your ASISU Vice President. Idaho State University has the uniquely special opportunity to offer CPI programs to our students, giving them valuable and much needed work experience before heading into the job market. Kourtney would like to see such programs more available to students looking for that required pre-work experience as well as expand the programs reach to as many varying departments as possible.

Voting begins on March 17th at 8:00am and runs until March 18th at 5:00pm. We hope you vote Perry/McConnell but in the end all we ask is for you to vote! To vote simply go onto your BengalWeb and follow the link provided under campus announcements when it appears on voting day.


Vote Perry/McConnell, Vote United Students, Vote ASISU

Sam Perry -
Kourtney McConnell -

More information about Mackenzie Smith and Kitanna Belnap

Hello my name is Mackenzie Smith, and I would like to be your student body President. I am currently a junior majoring in Political Science. I am currently a Senator for the College of Arts and Letters and I have been a student Ambassador for the past three years. After a year of lackluster leadership, I believe Idaho State needs a strong and charismatic leader who will represent every student. I hope to be that leader.

Hello my name is Kitanna Belnap, and I am currently a freshman at Idaho State University in the Division of Health Professions and I would like to be your student body Vice President. Currently, I work as a student Ambassador getting hands on experience with university recruiting and retention. As part of your executive branch, I would use my knowledge of the University, my recruitment experience, and my connection with the underclassmen to bring a new voice to the ASISU senate.

Our experience as student Ambassadors has allowed us to know more about the history and of the current condition of Idaho State than any other student. We are also some of the most involved students on campus allowing us the knowledge of how to market to different groups and help student fall in love with Idaho State, which will increase involvement.

As your President and Vice President we would work to improve club funding, by working to overhaul the unpopular changes made by a previous senate. By marketing towards marginalized student groups we hope to give them more of a voice in student issues and fight for a more active and connected student body. This year involvement has declined, and we hope to create a senate events committee to pair with SAB/UPC and increase funding to involvement activities. We will also advocate pairing with organizations to fundraise for improvements around campus, including new seating in the Bengal Theater or new housing furniture. Another focus of our executive would be to increase scholarship funding while keeping tuition costs down. We will fight to make school affordable for students by advocating no tuition increase for the 2015- 2016 school year.

We want to increase senate involvement at outreach campuses, each student at the Meridian, Idaho Falls, and Twin Falls campuses pay the $50 fee to ASISU and yet they see almost no benefit from that, their SAB gets very little funding, and they feel no connection between themselves and the Pocatello Campus. This year we were fortunate enough to have Trisha Benkelman as an outreach senator, but we have not had another outreach senator from Meridian step forward. We will work with Trisha to make the changes she thinks would help you feel more involved, fight to get more funding to the outreach campuses and make visits to outreach campuses.

Our opponents are advocating increasing CPI funding for students, which we agree is a great cause. However, this year’s CPI funding rose to $1.9 Million, the highest in the state, and the administration is working to increase it further. Therefore, our opponent’s goal is already being met without their executive representation. Also statements of advocating for a medical school at Idaho State University have been made, once again something our opponents cannot directly affect because medical school changes cannot happen in a year. Lobbying to the state board is a strong option for which Kitanna would have much more time to work on with her four years remaining at Idaho State. Our goals are directly affected by ASISU, more beneficial to students, and will better represent the needs of current and future students while bringing much needed diversity to the senate. Please vote Smith and Belnap 2015! Go Bengals!

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Mackenzie Smith

Kitanna Belnap


Mackenzie: Junior

  • Student Ambassador for the past three years, representative of the President’s office

  • Current Senator for the College of Arts and Letters/ Service Committee Chair

  • President and creator of the Political Science club

  • NSCS Member, 1901 Member, Law Club Member, RHA member

Kitanna Belnap: Freshman

  • Student Ambassador for the past year

  • NSO student leader

  • Dance Marathon Moral Leader

  • Honors Student

  • NSCS Member, 1901 Member, Health Student Admin Club, RHA Member and Hall Representative.

    • Experience:

      REMEMBER: Taylor Tingey had no experience as a senator and he has done a fantastic job as both V.P. and President!!

      Ambassadors: We have both worked as Ambassadors which has allowed:

      • Greater understanding of the History and current standing of ISU.

      • One on one relationship with several donors, alumni, and the President’s office.

      • Some of the most involved students on campus, both going to several ASISU sanctioned events, but also working with every department and college on campus and throughout the community.

      • Work one on one with donors, alumni, and the president’s office which allows us personal connections with people who fund a lot of things at ISU

      Both of us are involved in several different groups, live on campus, work with International Programming office, and have worked with every college on campus. We represent four colleges between the two of College of Technology, College of Arts, Letters and Division of Health Sciences, as well as College of Business.

      Goals if Elected:

      We would like to work on fundraising and using current funds of the Senate to improve several things:

      • Replacing the seating in the Bengal Theatre

      • Replacing old and outdated furnishing around campus

      • Making feminine hygiene products available around campus for free much like the free condoms available in the Gender Resource and Student Health Centers.

      • Working to make parking at Holt Arena free parking

      • Change club funding to better benefit clubs

      • Work with IPO to help international students get more classes during summer

      • Enclosed Smoking Zones, which will clean up campus, and keep people from smoking in front of a building.

      • Executive lunches where we provide food and a venue for students to come talk to their President and Vice President.

      • Planetarium projector in the Vous

      • Work to make parking at Holt Arena a public parking area so that those who cannot afford parking pass, which will improve parking issues.

      Strong points of our election process:

      Talk about our signs in Arabic, how marketing to different marginalized group will improve.

      Talk about political party and its strength, we have 12 members who are very diverse.

      Talk about how over 3/5 of their party is social Greeks, and therefor will look at most issues from that scope and may not best represent those who are not social Greeks.

      How do we differ from our opponents?

      Student Ambassador argument

      More diverse political party

      Represent several groups, colleges, and organizations on campus and in the community.

      Kitanna is from Pocatello- has connections in local government, and better understands how to include/market to the community in University events.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209