Election 2014 Updates

Active Campaigning

Section 3—Active Campaigning

  1. The term ‘active campaigning’ shall be defined as the distribution of campaign literature, the hanging of signs, holding campaign events, online communications, publications or social networking sites, or similar campaign activities on campus.
  2. Active campaigning for all candidates, parties, student organizations, those that support or oppose any ballot questions, or agents of any political candidate or group shall not begin until after the Candidates’ Meeting is adjourned. Active campaigning shall not be allowed by candidates or parties that have not turned in all of the required election materials and paid the required deposits.

(ASISU Election Code, Article X, Section 3)

Enforcement of the ASISU Election Code commences before Candidate Filing Forms, petitions, deposits, etc., are received by the Commission. We are aware of election and campaign activities that presently transpire on the ISU campus.

It is essential that each potential candidate receive an equal opportunity for election, even if he/she has yet to make the resolve to run for office. Therefore, all candidates are to refrain from active campaigning until the adjournment of the Mandatory Candidate meeting on February 21st.

The Commission concludes that any contact (i.e. social media, email, oral communication, text messaging, etc.) from a candidate, or his/her agent, with an ASISU student, before the adjournment of the Mandatory Candidate meeting, with the intent to persuade the student’s vote to the candidate’s favor is in violation of the Election Code.

We acknowledge these events that have occurred on campus. Therefore, we pronounce a warning of the aforementioned violations. Further infraction of these violations will result in additional sanctions by the ASISU Elections Commission.

We encourage all candidates to frequently consult the Election Code and the ASISU Elections page for additional explanation of election rules and procedure. If your inquiry then necessitates further clarification, we invite candidates to contact the Commission at

- ASISU Elections Commission


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209