Get Involved! ASISU/Campus Committee

Getting involved is a great way to meet other students, faculty and staff members. Campus committees provide great opportunities to learn about different sectors of the university. Committees may meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Don't wait! Get involved now!

If you are interested in shaping activities on campus, visit the Student Activities Board for more details.

Download a committee application form, and turn it in to the ASISU Office.

Committee Information

Current ASISU Position Openings:

Chief of StaffFilled
Curriculum Council Student RepresentativeFilled
Elections CommissionerVacant
Elections Deputy CommissionerFilled
Elections Publicity CoordinatorFilled
Senate Finance OfficerFilled
Supreme Court Chief JusticeFilled
Supreme Court JusticeFilled
Traffic Appeal OfficerFilled
Elections Commission VolunteerFilled
Government Relations Board VolunteerFilled

Current University Committee Volunteer Position Openings: All committees are currently Filled.


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