Sample Letter

TO: ISU Faculty, Staff and Students
FROM: Randy Gaines, Chief Information Officer
DATE: December 8, 2005
RE: Potential Compromise of Employee and Student Information

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

We are contacting you about the possibility that your personal information may have been accessed by a third party. In September a computer server was compromised at Idaho State University leading to the possible access of employee and student information by computer hackers. This situation has been eliminated and every step is being taken to protect your privacy.

For more information on what occurred and how to avoid identity theft, please refer to the ISU Web site set up for this purpose at

We believe the risk to ISU information is low. However, since there is some risk we recommend as a precautionary measure you consider placing a fraud alert, at no charge to you, on your credit report. (Refer to Web site)

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact Randy Gaines, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services, (208) 282-2872. We appreciate your patience as we continue to review our privacy policies.

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