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WELCOME to the Freshman Fundamentals of Advising and Registration (F.A.R.)

Online Session

Students wanting to complete an online advising session must be admitted to ISU.

The online freshman Fundamentals of Advising and Registration (F.F.A.R.) advising session was created for your convenience. However, you are encouraged to attend an in-person session rather than completing the online session. If you would like to schedule an in-person session, please call the Academic Advising Center in Pocatello at 208-282-3277, in Idaho Falls at 208-282-7800, in Meridian at 208-373-1700, or in Twin Falls at 208-736-2101.

Students who are admitted by petition will be on an Admissions Agreement and must attend an in-person session.

The approximate time to complete the session is 45 minutes. The information you gain by completing this session will help you achieve academic success at Idaho State University. Take your time to absorb and understand the information. Do not rush through the session as the information will be needed when registering for classes. Feel free to return to the session anytime to review the information.

Are You Completing the Correct Online Session?