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Dr. Laura Woodworth-Ney

Idaho State University Accreditation

Idaho State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.The current accreditation standards are based on mission fulfillment and require Idaho State to identify core themes which support that mission:

The Mission of Idaho State University is to advance scholarly and creative endeavors through the creation of new knowledge, cutting-edge research, innovative artistic pursuits and high-quality academic instruction; to use these achievements to enhance technical, undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, health care services, and other services provided to the people of Idaho and the Nation; and to develop citizens who will learn from the past, think critically about the present, and provide leadership to enrich the future in a diverse, global society.

Idaho State University is a public research institution which serves a diverse population through its broad educational programming and basic, translational, and clinical research.  Idaho State University serves and engages its communities with health care clinics and services, professional technical training, early college opportunities, and economic development activities. The University provides leadership in the health professions and related biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, as well as serving the region and the nation through its environmental science and energy programs.

Idaho State University fulfills its mission through its four core themes:


CORE THEME ONE: LEARNING AND DISCOVERY - Idaho State University promotes an environment that supports learning and discovery through the many synergies that can exist among teaching, learning, and scholarly activity.



CORE THEME THREE: LEADERSHIP IN THE HEALTH SCIENCES - Idaho State University values its established statewide leadership in the health sciences with primary emphasis in the health professions. We offer a broad spectrum of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate training. We deliver health- related services and patient care throughout the State in our clinics and postgraduate residency training sites. We are committed to meeting the health professions workforce needs in Idaho. We support professional development, continuing education, and TeleHealth services. We are active in Health Sciences research.


CORE THEME TWO: ACCESS AND OPPORTUNITY - Idaho State University provides opportunities for students with a broad range of educational preparation and backgrounds to enter the university and climb the curricular ladder so that they may reach their intellectual potential and achieve their goals and objectives.


CORE THEME FOUR: COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND IMPACT - Idaho State University, including its outreach campuses and centers, is an integral component of the local communities, the State and the intermountain region. It benefits the economic health, business development, environment, and culture in the communities it serves.


More information on ISU's core themes and the accreditation process can be found on the Accreditation Resources webpage.

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