ISU Diversity Council

To honor and respect the diversity of the ISU community, the ISU Diversity Council fosters a supportive and welcoming environment for all individuals and engages the ISU community in discussions about diversity. A diverse ISU community brings students a breadth of experiences to prepare them to participate in an increasingly complex and international society. Education, research and service are richer through the process of being nurtured in a diverse community. Diversity provides equal and inclusive opportunities for all and broadens and deepens both the educational experience and the scholarly environment for the ISU community.


Name & Department
Arteaga, Bobby University Housing
Baral, Ramila ASISU Senator
Bocanegra, Joel College of Education
Dale, Dan Physicis & Astronomy
Easterly, Deb Office of Research
Evans, Henry - Exofficio EO/AA & Diversity
Faulkner, Ryan Staff Council
Fletcher, Maria International Programs
Gibson, Stacey - Chair EO/AA & Diversity
Hopster, Denise Human Resources
Johnson, Noah ASISU Senator
Koury, Regina Library
Marshall, Stacey Human Resources
Martinez, Sonia Office of Research
Mirly, Alan Physician Assistant
Njoku, Raphael Languages & Literature
Norton, Dianne College of Technology
Sargent, Ryan Alumni Relations
Scholes, Scott Academic Affairs
Woodruff, Rhonda Graduate School


Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action and Diversity

(208) 282-3964

(208) 282-5829

Rendezvous Bldg. Rm. 157
921 S. 8th, Stop 8315
Pocatello, ID. 83209

Contact Us

Stacey Gibson

Henry Evans
Assistant Director

Shirley Taysom
Administrative Assistant II 208-282-3964

Sean Fay
EO/AA Specialist


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209

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